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Cate Borrego, RN

Cate has been a registered nurse since 2010. She began her interest into the medical field back when she used to watch the tv show, “ER”, and always wanted to be a real life Juliana Margulies. Her career in the medical field began when she was 18, and started working as an ER registration clerk. From there Cate took her nursing pre-reqs, and her EMT certification, and worked as an ER tech/ ER unit secretary while she waited to get into nursing school. Cate graduated nursing school at the top of her class.

Her nursing background consists of working 5 years at Mercy San Juan on a trauma/med surg unit and has spent the past 6 years as an ER nurse at Mercy Hospital of Folsom. While working at Mercy San Juan, Cate also worked part time for a plastic surgeon in Roseville, and it was there that she fell in love with the aesthetics side of nursing.

Cate has always wanted to gain more experience in this specialty, and graciously accepted a position with us in early 2022. Cate has a passion for assisting people with feeling the best about themselves. Health and fitness are very important to Cate, and she truly loves her patients and helping find solutions to their concerns.

Cate loves the Obagi skin care line because it has really corrected her hyperpigmentation and loves the Colorescience Flex and Glow sunscreens for everyday use. Cate is a huge fan of Botox and fillers, and thinks everyone should try it at least once 🙂

When Cate isn’t working, she is enjoying her time with her 2 completely awesome children-Cate has one beautiful daughter, one handsome son, and a dashingly handsome husband, who is a Captain at a local fire department. She also has 3 adorable fur babies. As a family they enjoy camping in the desert in Nevada, exploring on their dirtbikes, shooting guns, and anything that keeps them outside and active.

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