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Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is a breathable foundation while also supplying effective skin coverage. It is formulated to support healing while concealing post-procedure skin, therefore eliminating social downtime that can follow a laser or microneedling treatment. Oxygenetix foundations include a breathable, patented get matrix combine with “Ceravitae” pro-oxygen complex to support the production of new cells, collagen, and connective tissue growth. These products are non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic.

At Dignity Medical Aesthetics, we offer a variety of Oxygenetix foundation colors. Ask our skin care professionals for further information and to color match your skin tone!

All the Oxygenetixs foundations have a product called Ceravitae™ which means you can put this product on immediately after lasers.

What is Ceravitae™?

The prime ingredient in all Oxygenetix products is the pro-healing patent pending Ceravitae™.

  • Ceravitae™ does the heavy lifting when it comes to proliferating young, fresh and plump skin cells by allowing high amounts of oxygen to the skin as needed. This aerobic effect literally makes those vital productive cells work harder.
  • Ceravitae™ is clinically proven to increase oxygen uptake to stimulate skin cell production and help promote the healing process using a proprietary breathable mesh network.
  • Ceravitae™ is a super charged oxygen peptide promotes the skins collagen cell production and connective tissue growth.
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