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Cellulite does not discriminate! Approximately 90% of women of all shapes and sizes are affected by cellulite. If you are bothered by any dimpling on your buttocks area, you will be excited to hear about a new treatment option called QWO!

QWO is an FDA-approved injectable treatment indicated for moderate to severe cellulite of the buttocks in adult women.

There are 3 main structural factors that are associated with the appearance of cellulite.

  1. The primary contributing factor to visible dimpling is connective tissue in the form of fibrous bands. These bands connect the skin perpendicularly to deeper structures. The downward pull of these “tethers” cause tension on the overlying skin, therefore appearing as a dimple.
  2. Fat lobules surrounding these tether strands push outwards against the skin, deepening the appearance of cellulite dimples.
  3. The deeper layer of the skin also begins to thin with age, potentiating the previously mentioned factors.

Before & After Photos

QWO is an injectable fluid that targets the fibrous bands and breaks them down to release the tension and therefore treat the root cause of cellulite. Previous treatments sought to minimize the appearance of cellulite by softening the tissue surrounding dimples, however no previous non-invasive treatment actually targeted the cause of cellulite. A treatment with QWO only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and most patients do not report any discomfort during the appointment. The main side effect to expect after treatment is bruising. The amount of bruising can be significant, so plan to avoid events or outfits (such as swimsuits) that reveal the treatment area. QWO typically requires 3 once-a-month treatments to achieve desired outcomes.

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