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About Us

Welcome to Dignity Medical Aesthetics

Dignity Medical Aesthetics, Inc. was created to provide a comfortable place for people in the greater Sacramento and El Dorado County region to explore the “latest and greatest” non-surgical technologies available for enhancing their appearance. The name “Dignity” was chosen because, for so many patients, these issues are not about vanity, but rather, about maintaining dignity. Most patients visiting our practice are not looking for the aggressive, plastic surgery approach to image enhancement, but rather prefer modern technologies that are minimally or non-invasive.

Of course, packages (several services to be performed over a specific period of time) are discounted, yet created especially to meet your needs. Our staff has worked together for several years and has a reputation for competence, honesty and compassion for our patients.

We welcome your request for return services or for an initial consultation. Consultations include a thorough review of your health history and an initial exam by our physician to determine if you are a person who could benefit from our services. We will work with you to define your area of priority and potential for success. Through careful screening of our patients, we are able to provide a high level of patient satisfaction.

Aging Gracefully with Dignity in El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Folsom, Sacramento and surrounding areas since 2006. Contact Us Today!