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Ashley Brown, RN

After working as an esthetician and creating her own business since 2009, Ashley Brown, RN, decided to expand her skill set and went on to become a registered nurse with the intent in working in the medical aesthetic arena. Because of her passion to maintain and improve the health of skin, she is a perfect fit at Dignity Medical Aesthetics. She is excellent at assessing patient’s skin and forming treatment plans. With her 10+ years of experience in the industry, Ashley brings a unique set of skills to this practice and is already being sought out by many patients! Ashley has been carefully trained on the many devices and treatment techniques and has an innate ability to help discern the appropriate treatments for each individual patient.

When Ashley isn’t busy spending time with her children, she enjoys cooking, trying different cuisines, and creating art!

Ashley’s Favorite Products: Obagi Elastiderm, Vitamin C Serum and Skin Better AlphaRet.
Ashley’s Favorite Treatment: IPL

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