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Neck & Chest Rejuvenation

Whether you are bothered by loose skin, lines, texture or discoloration – we have treatments and products that can help soften and improve your areas of concern. Click on the name of each treatment to view more detailed information:

  • IPL Photofacial – Can be used on the neck and chest to treat brown or red discolorations (or both). Most patients see the best outcome to these areas after 2-3 treatments, depending on skin type. This treatment is preferably done during the Fall or Winter (when skin is the least tan) so we are able to use the most efficacious settings.
  • Non-Ablative Fractional Resurfacing – The skin on our neck often appears older than the skin on our face due to texture issues or lines.  Laser resurfacing treatments will stimulate your own collagen to help repair the textural signs of aging.  We recommend starting with a series of three treatments spaced a month apart, followed by one maintenance treatment about every 6 months, or as needed.
  • Ultherapy – The only device FDA approved to tighten and lift the sagging skin on the neck, as well as improve lines and wrinkles on the chest (décolletage).  It is non-invasive with no significant downtime.  The results are usually quite impressive, although it is not typically as aggressive as a surgical neck lift. Collagen is stimulated deep below the skin as well as in the dermis, and results are usually evident in 6 to 12 months.
  • Exilis – A radiofrequency device that is used for tightening of loose, “crepey” skin. Most patients see the optimal outcome with 4-6 treatments, depending on the size of the treated area. Treatments are typically spaced approximately 4 weeks apart in order to stimulate collagen at the most effective time. Skin may be slightly pink or mildly swollen after each treatment, but there is no downtime.
  • Kybella – An injectable product FDA-approved for permanent fat reduction under the chin and along the jaw line for contouring. Although it is not indicated to tighten skin, most patients notice skin retraction to the treated area about 3 to 6 months after their appointment due to the inflammatory process and swelling that Kybella creates.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products

Although almost all of our skin care products can be used on the neck in addition to the face, we have specific products that are designed to treat the neck (and NOT the face due to their fat cell shrinking properties). These products can improve the quality of the skin, as well as treat discoloration and shrink fat cells!

  • Nectifirm & Nectifirm Advanced
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