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Spider Vein Treatment

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a term used to describe the treatment of spider veins on the legs.  Injectable treatment of spider veins, as well as slightly larger blue or green veins called reticular veins, is done at our office utilizing FDA-approved Asclera.  While laser options exist, injectable treatments remain the gold standard for the correction of most spider veins.  This is because laser treatments are typically limited to a specific depth.  Injectables allow for more customized treatment of unsightly veins.

Am I a good candidate?

Our practice specializes in the cosmetic treatment option only – that is, spider veins that remain after treatment by a vein specialist, or spider veins in those who do not have large, bulging veins.  This type of treatment is considered cosmetic, and therefore is typically not covered by insurance or Medicare. Large, bulging varicose veins can be painful.  This type of issue should be evaluated by a vein specialist, and in many cases is coverable by insurance. Between 30% to 60% of American adults have varicose veins.  We can refer our patients to a vein specialist in the area if requested. Patient evaluation is important.  While pregnancy can cause the occurrence of visible spider veins, treatment is avoided while pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing IVF treatments.  People with severe allergies may not be a candidate for sclerotherapy.

What to expect during treatment

The 45-minute treatment is done by our highly trained aesthetic practitioners with tiny needles and is mildly uncomfortable.

What to expect after treatment

After the treatment, it is strongly recommended that patients wear compression hosiery for the first 24 hours and then while awake for three weeks.  15-20 mmHg is the strength of compression hose we recommend and can be purchased online or medical supply store.  They should be brought to the appointment and applied immediately after the treatment.  We also recommend bringing comfortable shoes to take a 20-minute walk after treatment.


Depending on the amount of veins present, more than one treatment may be required. Once the desired outcome is achieved, it may be many years before more veins may become visible.  Legs can be beautiful again!

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