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Lacey Russo, Patient Care Coordinator

Lacey Russo, our Patient Care Coordinator, has been with Dignity Medical since 2008 and has been in the Medical Aesthetic field for over 15 years. Her extensive knowledge of Medical Aesthetics and our skincare products make her a reliable resource for patients at Dignity Medical Aesthetics. She has completed comprehensive training courses for Obagi Skin Care, SkinBetter Skin Care, and much more. She has also attended numerous seminars on Aesthetic Medicine Concepts. Lacey is a firm believer in the use of pharmaceutical-grade skincare. Not only has it changed her own skin through the years, but she’s also been a prime resource in educating patients on the proper use of skincare and seen amazing results in patients’ skin, making them feel more confident!

Lacey’s ultimate goal at Dignity is to make people feel at home when they walk through the door! She is also able to answer many questions that patients have to help reinforce information they received as a patient, as well as to answer questions in depth regarding available services. As a service to our patients, Lacey completes and submits all available rebate forms for their convenience. This saves our patients time and supports every opportunity to achieve maximum savings towards products and services.

When not working Lacey enjoys yoga, spin, wine tasting, and cooking

Aging Gracefully with Dignity in El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Folsom, Sacramento and surrounding areas since 2006. Contact Us Today!