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3D Laser Treatment

Our 3D package is a series of treatments that improve both color and texture of the skin.

Who benefits from this treatment?

Patients with multiple skin issues such as discolorations including brown spots and redness, as well as textural issues such as fine lines, large pore size, and acne scarring.  We use the term “3D” because we combine two different treatments at each session, causing improvement at different depths. There are 3 sessions spaced a month apart in a full series.

Each session includes an IPL photofacial for pigmentation issues, along with a 1540 fractional resurfacing for fine lines and texture. This is our most cost-effective approach to skin issues and the combination of treatments has a very high satisfaction rate because we are treating multiple issues at each appointment.

What to expect during treatment

We will have you apply a topical numbing medication 30 minutes prior to your appointment.   We also utilize ice rollers to further soothe the skin during treatment. The photofacial handpiece feels similar to the 1540 during treatment, often described as rubber band snaps on the skin.  Each appointment lasts about an hour.

What to expect after treatment

Expect to feel a slight “sunburn” sensation for approximately 45 minutes after the treatment. Mild to moderate swelling is common for 2-3 days. If you have brown spots to be corrected, they will get progressively darker over the next few days, and then they will slough off in approximately 10-14 days. Makeup can be worn 12 hours after the procedure, and SPF 30+ is a must!

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