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Face & Body Contouring

Many factors play a role in creating and changing the shape of our face and body. Whether you have a genetic chin profile (“double chin”) that you wish you could reduce, a jawline that you would like more defined, or a stubborn body area that does not improve with diet and exercise, we have treatments that can guide you to your desired shape and outcome!


Kybella is an injectable product that is made of a molecule called “deoxycholic acid”. Deoxycholic acid is the fluid that our gallbladder naturally stores and excretes to digest fats in our diet. This same molecule is injected under the chin and along the jawline to permanently destruct fat cells in the area treated. Visit the following link to learn more:


Stubborn areas that do not shrink with diet and exercise can be extremely frustrating. SculpSure is a FDA-approved treatment that can permanently destruct fat cells in the bothersome area. Most patients require two treatments per area to achieve up to a 24% fat cell destruction of approximately 3cm depth. Learn more about SculpSure by clicking on the following link:

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