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SculpSure is one of our newest and very exciting devices at Dignity Medical Aesthetics. This body contouring device uses a specific wavelength of laser to permanently kill fat cells. It is one of a few devices in the United States that have been FDA-approved for lipolysis (permanent fat cell destruction). Since we love that idea, we set out to research the options and SculpSure prevailed in our opinion. This is because it is effective (up to 24% reduction of fat cells in spot treated areas after 2 treatments),yet has fewer side effects than its cold competition. It also allows us to arrange the treatment pads specifically to the problem areas of each individual. No cookie cutter approach here! Results are permanent.

Typical patients are those with a BMI lower than 30 that have areas that just don’t resolve with diet and exercise. This device was tested using actual patient’s abdominal fat and treating one side, then waiting for full completion of results in 3 months. Then the area was removed during a tummy tuck and in each case, the treated side showed fat cell reduction. Real patients with real results.

Results can vary, which is true for all medical treatments. Dignity offers complimentary consultations to see if SculpSure is right for you. It works best on average weight patients with areas needing spot treatments. Typically, patients prefer 2 treatments per area spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

The 25-minute treatment has mild discomfort. The first few minutes bother people the most with a sensation of hot then cold. No stretching skin into the device or painful massage afterwards. No numbing medication is needed. In fact, patients can go back to everyday life immediately after the treatment.

We customize placement of each patient’s treatment pads in varied patterns to an individual’s target areas. It is FDA-approved for the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and back (“bra fat”). It is always the right time to get ready for bathing suits!

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