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Helpful Tips for Dry, Winter Skin

Many patients experience dry and even red skin during the dry, winter months.  This is especially true for those with already sensitive skin or rosacea.  Skin feels drier due to the change in weather along with the increased use of heated air in our homes, offices and cars.  And as many of us know too well, dehydrated skin accentuates wrinkles and other skin woes, often making us look older.  But with a few easy steps, you can say goodbye to the winter skin blues!

  • Keep up with your water intake.  This can be more challenging in the winter months, but make a point to keep a full glass or water bottle nearby during the day.
  • Avoid overly hot water in the shower, especially when cleansing the face.
  • Some drier skin types can switch to a more gentle face wash.
  • Make sure to have a night time skincare routine.  The skin benefits from the extra dose of hydration.  If a nighttime routine is challenging for you, try doing it earlier in the evening, say after dinner, as opposed to right before bed when you’re already tired and ready to be cozy.
  • People who experience very dry skin, despite the above tips can try one or more of the following:
    • Dehydrated skin will benefit from incorporating a hydrating serum prior to your moisturizer. We have two amazing hydrating products that actually help plump skin from within.  Our newest favorite is InterFuse Intensive Treatment for Lines from Skin Better Science.
    • Drier skin types will benefit from using a heavier moisturizing cream during the winter. 
  • Try a hydrating mask once or twice a week 
  • Still exfoliate at least once a week to remove excess dead skin cells and allow all those products to actually do their job.  If you don’t like scrubs, you can use a product like Exfoderm Forte by Obagi that contains ingredients like glycolic and lactic acids to gently exfoliate skin while adding some hydration at the same time.

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